Celebration of Lights

Waving Santa, City of Pleasant Valley
Lighted Tree, Mrs. Evie Bish
Lighted Tree, FSU Alumni Association
Angel Choir, Butch & Mary Beth Furbee
North Pole & Large Bulbs, City of Pleasant Valley
Candy Cane Arch, City of Pleasant Valley
Teddy Bear, Kaylee & Lauren Mackee
Toy Soldier, Dan Yaremchuk Memorial
Golfers, Ad Thomas Memorial
Flurry the Dog, Dustin Burdoff Memorial
Multi Color Star, Greater Fairmont Women's Club
Blue Star, Grace Coughenour Memorial
Santa Boat, Woods Boat House
Santa Airplane, Dale Kennedy, CFI Memorial
Flickering Candle, Marion County Historical Society
​Penguin Builds Snowman, Gaskins & Getz Memorial
Rocket Ship Santa, Fairmont Rotary Club
Ringing Bells, Art Collins Memorial
Beach Santa, Rick, Julie, Zoie Kline
Beach Rudolph, Dominick & Mary Eates Memorial
Angel, Glasscock Swick & Glasscock Memorial
Keep Christ in Christmas, Real Estate Plus
Multi Color Tree, Roberts Family & Doc
Crossed Candy Canes, Rush Family
Santa Tractor, Middletown Tractor
Bridge Decorations, Butch & Becky Phillips
Jumping Fish, Yore Academy
Fishing Santa, Youth Academy
Lighted Star, Marion County-Fairmont Transit
Polar Bear, Fairmont Senior High
Large Poinsettia, Town & Country Garden Club
Menorah, Mount Levine Steel Co.
Multi Color Star, Zach & Tristan Wolford
Santa Race Car, Grease Monkey
G'bread Jump Rope, Pleasant Valley Elem. PTO
G'bread Soccer, Fairmont Federal Credit Union
G'bread Seesaw, Fairmont State Foundation
G'bread Trampoline, Fairmont State Foundation
G'bread House, Fairmont Federal Credit Union
Basketball Santa, Freelance Technical Association
Animated Angel, Zelah Rose Memorial
Lighted Trees (2), City of Fairmont
Lighted Tree, Marion County Parks & Recreation
Granny/Reindeer, McCutchan Heating & Plumbing
Blue Star, Tom Shumate Memorial
Red Wagon, Arthur Holt
Let It Snow, Jonathan Decker
Marching Soldiers, Mantech Enterprise
Happy Holiday, Allpro Home Improvements
Santa & Rudolph Football, Priority Appraisal
Four Car Train, Fairmont State Foundation
Jesus & Toy Soldier, to honor John G. Conaway
Santa Biker, Hood Agency Insurance
Elf with 1 Present, Mountain State Nutrition
Small Tree, John & Susan Kabulski
Dog & Cat, Canterbury Animal Hospital
Elf Cannon, MVB Bank
White Star, Andee Pollastrini & Lauren Ashley Memorial
​Waving Santa, George & Judy Foster
White Star, in memory of John & Frank Dzielski
Penguin Snowball, Larry Wakefield Memorial
White Star, in memory of Jackie Faulkiner
Poinsettia, Bray's Knifeworks
White Star, in memory of Col. Robert W Vincent USAF
​Tree, Presents, Elf, & Fawn Bartic Memorial
Purple Star, Zabolotny/Carr/Smith Memorial
Animated Angel, in honor of Henry Murphy, King of Canines
​Tree, Candy Canes, East Fairmont High School Found.
Snow Globe, J Phillip Burton Capital Investors
Santa Workshop, Elves and Presents, Bob Hunt
Happy Holidays, Jerry Regan Memorial, PreSort Plus
Dog, Cat, House Fairmont Veterinary Hospital
Peace on Earth, Snowflake, Joy, Star, John & Barbara Metcalfe
​Carolers, Horse & Sleigh, Muriale's Restaurant
Church, in memory of Doris Holt
Nativity Star, John Minico
Penguin Igloo, Radiological Physician Association
Jack in Box, for Emberlee Coffman
Multi Color Star, Wayne and Katie Musgrave
Happy Birthday Jesus, The Baptist Temple
Ferris Wheel, To honor LIFE UMC, by Zumba Group
Jolly Snowman, Drs. Ann & Joe Shaver
Tree, Aspire Uniqueness Boutique
Model A Car, Grease Monkey
Dancing Santa, Bill & Kathy Holmes
Deer Waterfall/Tree, John McDonough for Grandma Teresa
Deer in Field, Fairmont State University
Giant Christmas Tree, in memory of John Griggs
Trumpeting Angels, ERA Signature Properties
Nativity Scene, Brent Gianfrocca Memorial
Star & Angel, WV High Tech Consortium
Lighted Star, New Mystic Arts
Flickering Candle, In Memory of Alex Angelino
Crossed Candy Canes, Christian& Alana Miller
Winter Wonderland, Butch Furbee Memorial
White Star, Isaac & Sofia Merriman 
Animated Angel, Dan Wagner
Celebrate Jesus, Mountain State Physical Therapy
Bow & Bell, Marion County Clerk
Santa Fire Engine, Middletown Homes
Bee Hive & Presents, To Honor David Nuzum
Boy Throwing Snowball, Hopkins
Ringing Bells, Herbert & Imogene Carr Memorial
Merry Christmas Holly, Mary Jo & Rosemary Thomas, Sam & Lucille Ellis, Ellis & Rago families
Tree, Joseph, Mary, & Charles Vincent Memorial
Girl & Snowflakes, in honor of Rosemary Thomas 
Skaters & Ice Tree, Prickets Fort Memorial Foundation
Skaters, Sam & Shay Swiger
Skaters, Joanna & Jim White
Lighted Star, Mountaineer Therapy Dogs
Snowman, Associated Businesses of East Fairmont
Elves/Sleigh, Tree, Santa Checking List, Angel, Elves/Stocking, Elf/Wagon, Presents, Farley family
Santa Dump Truck, Andy Clayton Memorial
Lighted Tree, Ford Funeral Home
Lighted Tree, Marion County Public Library
Parade of Trees, See signs for Sponsors
Five Car Train, Tom & Lori Kliethermes
Blue Star, Ron Miflin
Santa Reindeer, Convention & Visitors Bureau of Marion County
Naughty Nice, Brandon Wright
Penguins, Devin Copen, Joey Copen, Nico Duarte
Toasty Sled Ride, Steve & Melanie Thompson & Family
Six Pointed Star, Tree of Life Temple, Morgantown
Tree, Dunn's Air Conditioning 
Elves Loading Tree & Tree, D&M Welding
Rock Band, Sam & Shay Swiger; Kevin Rogers, Dale Dzielski
Lighted Star, Senator Roman Prezioso
Lighted Tree, Bob & Terry Coffman
North Pole, Jesse, Heather, & Allie Ayers; Jared & Whitney Rogers
Jesus and Candy Cane, CA & Anna Foster Memorial
Model A Truck, WS Thomas Transfer
​Rotary Wheel & other unlabeled displays, Rotary Club of South Fairmont
Special Thanks to City of Fairmont and City of Fairmont Parks Department

Major Contributions by:City of Pleasant Valley

Contributions by:SCT Cable, D&M Welding, V&W Electric, Buck Thomas, Chicks Bargain Center, Jarco, Joe Bosnic & Colfax Signs, Fairmont Printing, Convention and Visitors Bureau of Marion County and Times West Virginian